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   Naruto Manga Chapter- 686

*I can’t wait next chapter, last pages were really amazing no words, I really admire Obito, he sacrificed again and  damn .. fucking feels and old kakashi team, lovely Rin and other side Sakura’s react aw ha keep calm woman, he wont lose that easily. And Naruto you silly dont scare your bae. 


DRESS-UP: The chinese version of Tabanata stated that the Orihime (Zhinu) wore pink or red (royal color for the princess) cloths while Hikoboshi (Niulang) wore green cloths. The japanese version stated that the Goddess Tabanata wore red or light blue (symbolizes that she is the sky goddess) and Mikeran wore blue and violet (the color for power). The beaded necklace or “nenju” (“Thought beads”) used as a japanese rosary to pray for the gods. Each beads represent the “sins of man” or earthly desires. The large bead is “magatama” owned by the Amaterasu (Sun Goddess). 

More Info: http://sashun08.deviantart.com/art/Tabanata-Cards-466749929


i really dont know what to do with these two images

Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside

Endless list of OTPs 1/?

Naruto - Sasuke x Hinata

(via aira-kun)


I wish I had more time to draw…I slept late to draw this :C

Anyway, everyone was so hyped about the Naruto AU artwork so I decided to tag along! Hinata’s outfit is based on Tsundere-girl’s design [x] It’s a lovely design, I found the outfit so cute! :3


Happy Birthday Sasuke

3 and 6 graphic inspired by t0gamikun